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Hello there fellow bike enthusiast! Have you ever heard about electric tandem bikes? If not, then you’re in for a treat. An electric tandem bike is a fantastic way to add some shared fun to your biking adventures. As an ardent electric bike rider myself, I’ve had my fair share of solo and tandem rides. There’s a unique joy in riding together that a solo ride just can’t match.

The Electric Tandem Bike Experience

What it’s Like to Ride an Electric Tandem Bike

Imagine this: you and your partner are cruising down a scenic trail, the wind brushing against your faces, both of you pedaling in sync to the rhythm of the journey. This is the charm of riding an e-tandem bike. The synergy, the laughter, the shared exertion, and achievement make the whole experience incredibly rewarding.

Advantages of Electric Tandem Bikes for Different Riders

Whether you’re a professional cyclist, a casual rider, or even a newbie, an electric tandem bike can bring a whole new dimension to your cycling. It’s an excellent way for novice riders to gain confidence, and for pros, it’s a chance to share the passion. The electric feature ensures nobody gets left behind. Pedal assistance comes in handy when one rider is less fit or experienced than the other.

Main Benefits of Electric Tandem Bikes

Shared Cycling Experience

The first and most obvious benefit of electric tandem bikes is the shared experience. There’s something uniquely intimate about navigating, pedaling, and steering in unison.

Fitness and Health Benefits

Cycling is a fantastic exercise, and with a tandem bike, you can motivate each other to keep going, making your workouts more fun and consistent.

Environmentally Friendly

Like other e-bikes, tandem electric bikes are also eco-friendly. They don’t emit any harmful gases and use renewable energy, making them a sustainable mode of transport.

Better Balance and Stability

With two sets of eyes on the road, you can navigate better. The bike’s longer frame also adds stability, making your ride safer and more comfortable.

Enhanced Range and Speed

Thanks to the electric assist, you can go faster and further with less effort. You can tackle hilly terrains without exhausting yourself, making your rides more enjoyable.

Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Tandem Bike

Choosing the Right Size

First off, make sure you choose the right size. Electric tandem bikes come in different sizes, so pick one that suits both you and your riding partner’s height and comfort levels.

Material and Build Quality

The bike’s durability largely depends on the quality of its material and build. Look for bikes made from sturdy materials like aluminium or steel. A well-constructed frame can withstand heavier loads and last longer.

Motor and Battery Life

Motor power and battery life are crucial in electric bikes. You want a motor that can provide enough power for two, especially on challenging terrains. A longer battery life will ensure you don’t run out of juice midway.

Gears and Braking System

A good electric tandem bike should come with a multi-gear system for easy navigation on different terrains. A reliable braking system is also essential for your safety.

Top Electric Tandem Bike Recommendations

Based on my experience and reviews from fellow cyclists, here are some electric tandem bikes that are worth considering.

1.High-End Choice: Pedego Electric Tandem Bike

Pedego electric tandem bike

The Pedego electric tandem bike is the ultimate choice for those looking for a top-tier electric tandem bike experience. Built with a robust 6061-T6 aluminum alloy frame, this tandem bike is designed to last. Its core features include relaxed handlebars for a comfortable ride, soft saddles that offer crucial cushioning, and a built-in rear light to enhance safety.

This high-end model comes with an efficient 52V brushless geared rear hub motor and a battery with a choice of either 10.5 or 17.5 amp hours, ensuring that your adventurous rides are never cut short. The 7-speed drivetrain provides smooth shifting and easy pedaling, and the advanced disc brake system ensures maximum safety.

The Pedego Electric Tandem Bike is an excellent choice for couples who want to explore their local surroundings or embark on cross-country adventures. It is designed for both smooth city roads and tough off-road trails, offering a versatile biking experience. With the electric assist feature, it is an ideal choice for riders with varying fitness levels, ensuring no one gets left behind.

2.Mid-Range Choice: Dawes Combi Tandem Bike

Dawes combi tandem bike

The Dawes Combi Tandem Bike offers a perfect balance between cost and quality. This mid-range model is equipped with a sturdy alloy 6061 frame designed to accommodate a smaller rider at the rear, making it an excellent choice for families.

It features a seven-speed cassette paired with a triple crankset, offering a wide range of gears for various terrains. Even though it uses rim brakes instead of discs, it still provides impressive stopping power.

The Dawes Combi Tandem Bike is an excellent choice for those trying tandem riding for the first time. It’s a fantastic option for family bike rides or touring adventures. With its durability and practical design, you and your partner can enjoy an exciting and memorable cycling experience.

3.Budget-Friendly Choice: Van Raam Twinny Electric Tandem Bike

Van Raam Twinny tandem bike

For those on a budget but still desiring an enjoyable tandem biking experience, the Twinny Electric Tandem Bike from Van Raam is a great choice. This budget-friendly model, suitable for two adults, features a traditional two-wheel design. Its low step-through makes it easy for riders to get on and off.

The Twinny Electric Tandem Bike is a perfect choice for individuals who need assistance in participating in traffic, such as the elderly or people with special needs. Using the optional freewheel that can be switched on or off, the main rider has the ability to decide whether or not the second rider cycles at an equivalent speed. This is especially useful in tandem bicycles where coordination between the two riders can enhance the riding experience.

With its affordable price and supportive features, this bike is excellent for leisurely rides in the park or short trips around town.

Maintaining Your Electric Tandem Bike

Regular Maintenance Tips

Just like any other bike, your electric tandem bike needs regular maintenance. Keep the chain lubricated, check the tire pressure often, and make sure the batteries are properly charged.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Some common issues include unresponsive controls, brake problems, or battery issues. If you face any of these, refer to your bike’s manual or consult a professional.


Riding an electric tandem bike is truly a unique and joyous experience. Not only does it provide a shared adventure, but it also offers practical benefits like better fitness and a greener mode of transport. So, go ahead, try it out, and see how it transforms your biking experience!


1.Can I ride an electric tandem bike solo?

Absolutely! It might be a bit longer than your usual bike, but it’s perfectly okay to ride solo.

2.How fast can electric tandem bikes go?

The speed varies with different models, but on average, electric tandem bikes can reach speeds of 20 to 28 mph.

3.How to store electric tandem bikes?

Due to their length, electric tandem bikes may require more storage space. Ensure you have a secure and dry place to store the bike when not in use.

4.Can kids ride on an electric tandem bike?

Yes, with adult supervision, kids can also enjoy the ride on an electric tandem bike.

5.Do I need a special license to ride an e-tandem bike?

No special license is needed to ride an electric tandem bike. However, it’s always good to check local regulations as they may vary.

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